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Enjoy the ride over the toy department. Please Do Not Drop anything from windows onto the Christmas shoppers below.

Friday, April 22, 2011

This monorail was at E.W. Edwards Dept. Store in Syracuse, N.Y

Photo from Onondaga Historical Association
Children ride the monorail at E.W.Edwards Dept Store in Syracuse, N.Y. circa 1955.
You can read memories of this ride over at link listed above.

This is what the early version of Rich's monorail looked like before it became The Pink Pig.
One of the earlier names Rich's used was "Rocket Express"
The ad would read Come visit Rich's Winter Toy Carnaval and board this exciting Rocket Express to Santa's Igloo in the sky!

Here is a link to memories of E.W.Edwards @ Christmas


  1. i vaguely remember being on this ride with my mother or my grandmother back in the very early 60"s. my mom passed in 1964 and i then lived with my grandmother while my father was working. it was around christmas time for i do remember the decorations in the store.

  2. I rode this train and was telling a friend about it today. The train ran all around the perimeter of the store up near the ceiling.

    It was in the middle 50's when I rode it and can recall looking down on the sales floor and seeing my mother and sister shopping.

  3. Hi. My Mother was married to one of the Edwards sons that from what little i know was called Wells. They were divorced in the late 30's or early 40's because she married my father and had my first sibling in 1946. My Mothers maiden name was Marguerite VanBramer.Myself and my siblings always wondered whatever info there was about them as a couple and their marriage. My mother never discussed her marriage with any of us kids.we just heard after she died in 1974. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Brian