All Aboard!..... Come Ride The Pink Pig Flyer through RICH'S Wonderland of Toys. And receive your I Rode The Pink Pig Flyer sticker.


Enjoy the ride over the toy department. Please Do Not Drop anything from windows onto the Christmas shoppers below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rich's Pink Pig Flyer


  1. In 1976 and 1977 I was one of the lucky ones hired
    as seasonal help to operate the Pink Pig , we wore
    jump suites with the Pink Pig logo. We gave out the little stickers to kids when they would exit.
    When I was the operator the track was on the roof
    in the shadow of the Great Tree. I could be wrong
    but I think there were only 6 of us each season that operated the pig. One season we even had a
    small animal zoo of sorts up there, mostly ducks
    in a small pond, it didn't last long. I was 16
    & 17 years old when I ran the pigs , now 51 but with great memories of my seasons as operator of the Pink Pig. J.D.Head

  2. Thanks for posting about the pink pig.
    It was cool going around the ceiling over the toy department, I wish I could find a picture of that.

  3. Well, that brings back memories. I can say one thing for the Internet: you can go home again! Thank you.

    If anyone has any photos of Lefty's BBQ, way back in the 50's, please share.

  4. Loved riding the pink pig when it was on the ceiling of Rich's, riding with my kids when it was on the roof and riding with my granddaughter at Lenox. I didn't know there were other monorails around the country. Wish I could go back and visit all those old great department stores!