All Aboard!..... Come Ride The Pink Pig Flyer through RICH'S Wonderland of Toys. And receive your I Rode The Pink Pig Flyer sticker.


Enjoy the ride over the toy department. Please Do Not Drop anything from windows onto the Christmas shoppers below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rich's Department Store Christmas ad 1950's

.................................There's something special about a gift from RICH'S .......

Ho...Ho...Ho... Come Ride The Pink Pig Flyer at RICH'S Downtown.

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  1. A wonderful Neighbor took Her daughter and me to Rich's and we got to ride the Pink Pig which was on a monorail inside the store (2nd Floor) level, which was the toy Dept. This was the closest african american southern Kids could get to Disney land. Flying over and looking down on all those great toys was like a trip to the north pole. Afterwards Mrs Bell bought both of us a toy jet plane that lite up and made jet sounds. What a wonderful day, what a great forever memory